PRP Hair treatment

Densifying hair naturally

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is effective for hair loss in men and women.

Learn about PRP treatment for hair to slow hair loss and activate regrowth.

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Do you want to naturally densify your hair? PRP treatment helps to slow down hair loss and activate hair growth. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) technique is very effective! It is based on the injection of platelets, one of the essential components of your blood. Platelets are a true concentration of growth factors. They stimulate hair growth and fight against hair loss.
After a hair transplant, PRP treatment activates hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma acts on the stem cells to stimulate the hair follicle. This treatment is also for people with thinning hair and for women who wish to stimulate hair growth after a pregnancy. Natural, safe and biocompatible, this treatment has the advantage of being risk-free. Trust Dr. Cinik with your hair or/and beard transplant. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! +905422340034, contact us for free consultation.


The principle of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment

PRP treatment is based on the injection of platelets, one of the essential components of blood. Crucial to the proper functioning of the human body, platelets are a genuine concentration of growth factors. This treatment stimulates hair growth and offers satisfactory results in the fight against hair loss. The objective of PRP treatment for hair is to boost hair growth, especially after a hair transplant. Indeed, Platelet Rich Plasma acts directly on the stem cells to stimulate the hair follicle. Natural, safe, biocompatible PRP treatment has the advantage of no risk of rejection.

The indications for PRP hair treatment

Long used in sports medicine and cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma is also indicated to correct mild to moderate alopecia. This treatment is for people with thinning hair or women who want to stimulate hair regrowth after pregnancy.

Stimulating regrowth following a hair transplant

PRP treatment promotes hair regrowth by stimulating the hair follicles. For this reason, it is recommended as part of a hair transplant.

Slowing the progression of androgenetic alopecia

In cases of early hair loss, PRP treatment is ideal for slowing the progression of androgenetic alopecia in both men and women.

How is the PRP treatment performed?

PRP treatment is performed after an initial consultation with the surgeon. This consultation provides information about your medical history and eliminates possible contraindications.

PRP is obtained after centrifuging a blood sample. The blood is collected through a standard blood test. The various blood components, including white and red blood cells, are removed so that only platelet-rich plasma remains. The PRP is injected into the patient’s scalp using a fine needle. The injections are made at several locations on the scalp. Performed under local anaesthesia, the procedure is entirely painless.

The results of a PRP hair treatment

To achieve the most satisfactory results, it is recommended to have several PRP sessions. After the first PRP treatment, the hair appears shinier and thicker. The second session usually significantly reduces hair loss and restarts the hair growth process. To see long-lasting results, 5 PRP sessions are required.

The price of a PRP hair treatment

With Dr. Cinik in Turkey

The price of a PRP treatment for hair with Dr. Emrah Cinik at his clinic in Istanbul is 400 euros.

Prices found in The UK – Ireland – The US and Canada

The prices in The UK – Ireland – The US, and Canada are significantly higher than in Turkey. This price varies depending on the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired result.

Why perform your PRP hair treatment in Turkey

Turkey is known worldwide for the quality of its hair care, whether it is a hair transplant or a PRP treatment. Having your PRP treatment done allows you to take advantage of preferential rates while benefiting from the best care and the latest innovations in hair treatments.

A treatment included in our hair transplant packages

As part of a hair transplant in Turkey, PRP treatment will allow the patient to stimulate regrowth and observe even more striking results. That is why Dr. Cinik’s clinic routinely offers PRP hair therapy after a hair transplant. The hair transplant package includes the treatment and is performed by a medical team fully trained in this procedure.

Should you opt for hair mesotherapy or PRP treatment?

The choice of hair treatment depends on the level of alopecia. Hair mesografting or stem cells hair transplant is recommended for men and women with alopecia (stage 3 for men and stage 2 for women), while PRP can be offered to those with mild alopecia.

Are there any contraindications?

PRP treatment for hair may be contraindicated in some cases. If the patient has diabetes, skin disease, or autoimmune disease, PRP injections are not recommended. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, anticoagulant and antiaggregant treatments are also a contraindication.

How many sessions are necessary ?

Performing several sessions is necessary to achieve optimal results. Generally, 5 PRP sessions spaced 5 weeks apart are recommended.