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Afro-hair transplantation represents to date, the best solution to fight alopecia in men and women with frizzy hair.

Trust your hair transplant to Dr. Emrah Cinik for the best results.

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What are the post-operative guidelines for successful healing? Post-operative care is vital for healing and hair regrowth. Here is a summary of the instructions to follow after a hair transplant: Wear your therapeutic headband for at least two days. From the second day on, scabs will appear, which is normal. Do not remove them! During the first 7 days, you must stop smoking, avoid walking, do not touch your scalp, do not drink coffee or alcohol, do not take Aspirin, and scrupulously respect the instructions for a safe sleep. Sexual intercourse is also forbidden for 10 days! Wash your hair with the special shampoo provided by the Clinic during the first 12 days. And for 1 month, don’t exercise and do not expose yourself to the sun. Trust Dr. Cinik with your hair or/and beard transplant. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! +905422340034, contact us for free consultation.


The characteristics of curly hair make it more prone to alopecia

While alopecia affects populations in Asia much less, it greatly affects the population of African descent. Women with curly hair are particularly impacted by alopecia. Several reasons can explain this phenomenon. On the one hand, hair loss can be caused by styling habits specific to curly hair. Also known as traction alopecia, hair loss in women can be explained by hair styling practices that are traumatic for the hair, such as brushings, straightening, braids, extensions, weaves, etc.

Kinky hair also has the particularity of having a hair density that is 20% lower than other hair types. The speed of growth is also slower, and the proportion of hair in the telogen phase, which leads to the death and fall of the hair, is structurally higher. Finally, being drier than straight hair, kinky hair is more vulnerable and brittle.

What technique to choose for frizzy hair transplants

Hair transplants on frizzy hair are possible, provided you undergo a surgical technique adapted to the specificities of hair and afro scalp. The Afro hair transplant allows a more precise extraction of follicular units. Unlike the extraction performed with a motorised micro punch, the extraction of grafts is done with a manual punch. Manual FUE is more responsive to the physiological conditions of the scalp of patients of African descent.

The manual FUE hair transplant procedure

The manual FUE hair transplant procedure requires experience to avoid damaging the grafts and achieve optimal results. This procedure is performed in several steps and is performed under local anaesthesia.

What is the price of a curly hair transplant with Dr. Cinik?

The price of a hair transplant in Turkey depends on the procedure and additional services selected. For a curly hair transplant, count on a little more than 3000 euros. This fee includes, among other things, the costs associated with the procedure, the performance of a PRP treatment, accommodation, transfers, the service of a translator and post-operative follow-up.

What is the price in the UK, the US or Canada?

Frizzy hair transplantation in the UK, the US or Canada is about 80% higher than in Turkey. A considerable difference in cost, especially considering that Turkey benefits from highly experienced surgeons and the most advanced technologies in hair transplantation.

Why perform your afro hair transplant in Turkey?

There is a multitude of reasons that can lead a person to perform their hair transplant in Turkey. In addition to being considered the most advanced country in hair surgery, Turkey has the most efficient technologies and the most experienced surgeons.

Afro hair transplant: before and after surgery results


Frequently Asked Questions about afro hair transplant

Can women with afro hair undergo a hair transplant

Women with curly hair can benefit from a hair transplant. While hair transplantation is possible, this procedure requires certain precautions and an experienced surgeon like Dr. Emrah Cinik.

Can you opt for a hair transplant without shaving when you have curly hair?

To perform a hair transplant without shaving, it is possible not to shave the recipient area. Shave-free hair transplantation is only indicated to correct mild baldness and for men and women with long hair. However, shaving the donor area is essential.

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