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Hair Transplant Without Shaving



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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Having the entire scalp shaved before a hair transplant is one reason for people with limited hair loss, or with a receding hairline may have hesitations about undergoing this surgery. You may not want to lose the long hair you have but still, get a hair transplant.

Unshaven hair transplants or hair transplants without shaving are offered for people who want to get an FUE or DHI hair transplant. Why do you need to have your scalp shaved and what are the benefits and drawbacks of a hair transplant without shaving? All your questions are answered here.

What Is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

To understand why an unshaven hair transplant exists and what it is, you need to understand how a hair transplant is performed and why we do need to shave the patient’s head before the restoration surgery.

The Main Steps of a Hair Transplant Operation

The main idea of a hair transplant is to extract hair follicles from the area behind the head or other parts of the body that can provide donor hair grafts, and implant them into the balding spot.

There are two different techniques offered at Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant: DHI and FUE. Both have the same extraction process and the main difference is in the implantation process, where in the FUE, channel opening is required before the implantation, while DHI has merged implantation and the channel opening into one single step.

The Main Steps of a Hair Transplant Operation

Why Is Shaving the Head Necessary Before a Hair Transplant?

The first principle you should know is that your hair grafts are limited, irreplaceable, and vital, hence protecting every single graft on the donor and even recipient site is of utmost importance.

Extraction of grafts in the FUE method is a delicate process that requires devices to be placed and directed in a way that no hair follicle in the vicinity of the extracted hair graft is damaged. It requires precise devices and highly trained medical staff to operate the surgery to ensure the harm to other hair follicles is minimized.

Shaving the scalp on the day of the surgery helps the medical staff to operate and position the tools more freely and ensure that no harm will be made to other hair follicles.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Explain

Unshaven Hair Transplant Explain

It is the process of hair transplantation where only the donor and the recipient parts of the hair are shaved and the rest of the hair is kept long. It is only possible for people with limited hair loss or those who suffer from a receding hairline.

In this hair transplant process, depending on the number of grafts required, a limited section of the hair in the donor area and the hair transplant area are shaved.


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Unshaven Hair Transplant: Benefits and Drawbacks

Hair transplants, like any other medical intervention, have their own risks and benefits. Experienced and well-known hair transplant centers like Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Center, take every possible measure to reduce these risks and provide a hair transplant journey that is as smooth as possible.

However, a hair transplant without shaving carries its own risks and side effects in addition to the normal side effects of a hair transplant. It is important to consider all the positive and negative sides before making any decision about your hair transplant.

Benefits of an Unshaven Hair Transplant

Benefits of an Unshaven Hair Transplant

A hair transplant without shaving is preferred by a group of patients who want to get a hair transplant but don’t like to have their scalp shaved. In the shadow of an unshaven hair transplant:

-You can keep your long hair and just have some small and coverable parts of your head shaved.

-Patients, and especially women who suffer from a receding hairline can keep their long hair and get a hair transplant without being recognized.

Drawbacks of an Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hair transplant without shaving is not free of risks and on the contrary, it carries more risk compared to normal hair transplants. It affects both the surgery procedure and the post-operational care.

The problems an unshaven hair transplant can bring about are:

  • Possibility of Damage to Healthy Hair Follicles

    Healthy hair follicles can get damaged during the hair transplant as the surgeon loses a considerable amount of control over the tools and hair follicles.


  • More Complicated Aftercare

    Washing the hair transplant area, crust and scab removal, and other aftercare processes get more difficult as the long hair hinders access to the areas you want to apply aftercare products.


  • Shock Loss

    Your hair can experience shock loss after a hair transplant due to the trauma experienced by the scalp. The shock loss won’t be limited to the transplant area and can affect other hair follicles as well, so your long hair can be affected by the shock loss, making unshaven hair transplants meaningless.


  • Long Hair Can Damage Transplanted Follicles

    Transplanted hair follicles are so delicate and need special care. In many cases of unshaven hair transplants, the patient’s long hairs stick to the transplanted grafts and detach them from the skin.

All the mentioned risks can jeopardize the success of hair transplantation.

Why Is the Pre-Op Consultation Important?

Every patient has a unique situation, their hair loss pattern is unique, they have their own expectations from a hair transplant, and there are many other medical factors to be considered before making any plans for a hair transplant.

You will need assistance from a professional team of experts to analyze your situation. At Dr. Cinik hair Hospital, we offer Free Online Consultation for all our patients to ensure their hair transplant results in a successful natural charming hairstyle. If you want to undergo a hair transplant without shaving, the online consultation session would be more important because unshaven hair transplants are not a suitable option for everyone.

Why Is the Pre-Op Consultation Important?
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Dr. Emrah Cinik, who has founded and worked in his own hair transplant center, is one of the world’s most trusted names in hair transplant surgeries. He has over 19 years of experience and has performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries in his professional life.

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Unshaven Hair Transplants At Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant

Due to lower success rates of unshaven hair transplants, Dr. Emrah Cinik does not recommend his patients undergo their hair transplants without shaving. However, some patients insist on having their hair transplants done without shaving. In some cases, they might get the green light but it is so rare.
Following are the reasons we do not suggest unshaven hair transplants:


Your Safety and Health Is Our Priority

At Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant, we have a strong red line and that is our patients’ well-being and health. Anything that crosses this line would not be tolerated by Dr. Emrah Cinik and all other staff. Unshaven hair transplant can put your hair grafts, the limited and precious natural belongings, at risk, so we do not prefer to offer this service for everyone.


Pre-Surgery Analysis and Consultation Is the Key

We have a group of experienced and trained professionals that analyze your situation before the appointment is made. They have years of experience and pay enormous attention to details to make sure you select the right choice. If you want to undergo an unshaven hair transplant, we need to analyze your hair’s conditions and get approvals from the medical team.

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