The Team

Meet the Highly Trained and Dedicated Team at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital

From the medical board to the nurses and medical technicians, every team member is committed to providing top-quality care and exceptional results.

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Do you want the best team for your hair transplant? Dr. Emrah Cinik, a leading hair surgeon, is surrounded by a renowned team. All employees of Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital have been selected for their excellence. Their professionalism, expertise, integrity and commitment are flawless. And it is not without reason that the entire team is always at the cutting edge of technology. The qualifications of each employee are systematically monitored and developed. Every day, they create a pleasant atmosphere of safety and well-being. Patients feel confident and relaxed during treatment. Each medical expert is able to perform his or her tasks with vigilance and precision. Like Dr. Emrah Cinik himself, his staff enjoys an excellent reputation. This is your guarantee and assurance that you will be in good hands! Trust Dr. Cinik with your hair or/and beard transplant. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! +905422340034, contact us for free consultation.


Just like Dr. Emrah Cinik himself, his clinical staff also has an impeccable reputation. All employees at the Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, from the medical board to the nurses and the medical technicians, convince with their professionalism, expertise, integrity and commitment.

Especially in the field of hair transplantation, the trained team impresses with its excellent training. Some employees have been loyal to Dr. Emrah Cinik right from the start. Already when he introduced the modern FUT at the clinic in 1995, the Follcular Unit Transplantation, they were at the expert’s side. They have also been involved in other groundbreaking stages: Both the introduction of FUE 2002 and Robotic FUE 2011 have allowed the doctor to count on their expertise. It is not without reason that the entire team is always at the cutting edge of technology. Whether in stereomicroscopic dissection, the extraction of follicular units, robot-assisted surgery or the handling of transplants – the clinical staff is close to progress.

New employees should be able to easily achieve the same level of knowledge. Under the guidance of Dr. Cinik, they are introduced to the art of plastic surgery during a twelve-month training period. Quality assurance also plays an important role here. The qualifications of each individual employee are consistently checked and further developed.

For the benefit of the patient

Every surgical intervention is associated with doubts and nervousness. Hair transplantation is no exception. Therefore, sensitive, friendly and understanding contact with the patient is more important for Dr. Cinik and his team. Every day they do their best to create a pleasant atmosphere of well-being at the Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital. The patient should feel safe and relaxed during the treatment.

A professional and concentrated working atmosphere for Dr Cinik and his team is just as important. Every employee should be able to carry out his or her tasks with vigilance and precision. After all, a first-class result requires full concentration.