Stem cells Hair transplant

Opt for hair regeneration

Want to effectively fight hair loss and stimulate regrowth after a hair transplant?

Discover stem cell hair transplant, an innovative method based on mesenchymal stem cells.

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Do you want to fight hair loss effectively and stimulate hair growth? Opt for hair regeneration with Regenera Activa regenerative treatment. A real innovation in the cure of baldness and hair loss! This medical therapy uses mesenchymal stem cells taken from the patient’s scalp. Most often in the posterior zone of the hippocratic crown of the hair. The stem cells are placed in a single-use medical kit, the Regenera kit. They are crushed and filtered to obtain a cell concentrate called lyophilisate. This concentrate is reinjected deep into the area to be treated with a thin needle. This non-invasive technique helps to normalize hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Trust Dr. Cinik with your hair or/and beard transplant. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! +905422340034, contact us for free consultation.


What is a stem cell hair transplant?

A true innovation in the treatment of baldness and hair loss, stem cell hair transplant helps slow down hair loss and promote hair growth. This treatment uses scalp stem cells to fight the effects of androgenetic alopecia. These mesenchymal stem cells are harvested from the patient’s scalp, most often from the posterior Hippocratic crown area of the hair, and reinjected deep into the area to be treated with a fine needle. This non-invasive technique allows for the normalisation of hair loss and the stimulation of hair growth. In the context of a hair transplant, this treatment helps prevent rejection and reduce the risk of complications.

Indications for stem cell hair transplant

The stem cell hair transplant is for men and women who want to combat androgenetic alopecia. This technique is recommended for men whose alopecia does not exceed stage 3 on the Hamilton scale and for women with stage 1 or 2 alopecia on the Ludwig scale. A stem cell hair transplant is sometimes recommended as part of a hair transplant to improve results and ensure optimal regrowth. This minimally painful procedure allows for an immediate return to everyday life.

A treatment for patients with alopecia

Stem cells hair transplant is an effective and economical solution for hair and gives a denser appearance to the hair of both men and women.

Accelerate your hair growth after a hair transplant with Regenera Activa regenerative medicine

Regenera Activa regenerative medicine is indicated in the context of a hair transplant. This innovative treatment helps to stimulate the hair regrowth process and densify the hair. Since the treatment is performed with the patient’s cells, there is no risk of side effects. A hair mesotherapy after a hair transplant helps the graft to regrow naturally and progressively.

The course of a session

Stem cells hair transplant is performed in several stages. At Dr. Emrah Cinik’s clinic, they are performed by an experienced and caring medical team.

  • Scalp assessment

    The first step is to assess the patient's scalp. This assessment is essential to determine whether the patient is eligible for treatment.

  • Stem cells collection

    The patient's stem cells are harvested using a biopsy punch, a 2.5 mm diameter tool. This step is performed under local anesthesia.

  • Obtaining the lyophilisate

    The stem cells are placed in a single-use medical kit, the Rigenera Kit, and mixed with saline. They are ground and then filtered until a cell concentrate called the lyophilisate is obtained.

  • Scalp injection

    The lyophilisate is then injected with a fine needle into the previously defined areas of the scalp. The injection is painless.

Is it possible to combine stem cell hair transplant with other treatments?

Stem cells hair transplant can be combined with a hair transplant. Combined with a hair transplant, this technique optimises the results and guarantees rapid and denser regrowth. Stem cells hair transplant can also be performed in addition to a laser hair treatment .

How many sessions are needed?

Only one session is needed to achieve significant results. Gradually, the patient observes improved hair density. 3 to 6 months after the treatment, the results are permanent.

The price of a stem cells hair transplant

Average price found in The UK, and the US

On average, prices for hair transplantation in the UK and the US are 70% higher than those in Turkey. This price difference cannot be attributed to a difference in quality, as Turkey is considered the reference country for this procedure. Instead, the higher prices in Italy, and Switzerland are due to higher living and labour costs.

In Turkey with Dr. Cinik

Dr Emrah Cinik’s clinic charges €1200 per session.

Why perform your stem cell hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism due to its affordable prices and expertise in hair transplantation. The country’s medical facilities, such as Dr Emrah Cinik’s clinic, offer high-quality care and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best outcomes for patients from around the world.