14 Reasons Why Turkey is the Best Place Hair Transplantation

Success rate of hair transplant at Dr. Cinik clinic is above 97 percent


Each day, thousands of people are taking their first step toward gaining a natural-looking hairstyle after experiencing a painful time of baldness or hair loss. Recent advances in hair transplant techniques have made a hair transplant operation a possibility for all, removing barriers such as painful surgery and high risks of an unsuccessful operation and post-operation side effects. Now you can get a hair transplant service and get back to normal life very fast.

High costs of hair transplant, quality and reliability issues, and difficulties of outdated methods have been encouraging people to look for options for hair transplant out of their cities and even countries. Like every medical service, hair transplant clinics are not distributed equally in all parts of the world. Nowadays, it has been an acceptable norm to travel to a medical hub to get a hair transplant service.
Turkey, as a medical tourism hub, welcomes millions of medical visitors each year, who want to get a medical service, from every corner of the world. The Turkish government has developed a reliable system of inspection for ensuring visitors of the quality and safety of the services. Meanwhile, hospitals and clinics have been accustomed to providing high-quality services for their patients.
Hair transplant surgery is one of the fields in which the Turkish have leaped. It is a common belief now that Turkish hair transplant clinics are standing among the top clinics in the world in terms of technological advancements and experienced doctors and medical staff. For 15 reasons, we have discussed why Turkey is the best destination for hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Emrah Cinik hair hospital, with its professional and seasoned staff, is a popular name for hair transplant services. With its all-inclusive packages, supportive and friendly staff, high-tech facilities, and the-most-important-of-all, more than 13 years of successful experience, Dr. Cinik hair hospital provides you the chance for getting your youthful appearance back. You just need to contact our specialists to get a free consultation. (We are waiting for you in Istanbul.)

1. Safety

One of the biggest concerns every patient considers before making decisions about the destination for any medical service is its safety. Feeling safe is imperative when you are seeking an improvement in your life. Turkey, as a tourism hub, has proven to be a safe destination, especially for medical tourists who are usually paying a considerable amount for their service. Guaranteed payment is also a must which is provided by most of the Turkish medical centers.

2. Medical Standards

Since medical services are usually complicated and not everyone can inquire about a service provider’s qualifications, authorities are needed to ensure that patients are in safe hands. Additionally, ever-changing technologies are transforming medical services every day and patients expect to get a high-tech service.

In terms of medical standards, the Turkish Ministry of Health oversees all medical centers in Turkey and assures medical standards are applied in qualified centers. Turkey has extremely developed its medical system over the past decades that has praised lots of attention globally.

Verified hair transplant clinics are also under the strict control of the ministry of health. All medical staff, equipment, and also general staff are required to have enough qualifications to serve patients.

3. Variety of Options

As a medical tourism hub, Turkey offers hundreds of options for patients for getting high-quality medical treatment. An array of medical centers serves patients by a long list of options, which paves the way for healthy competition to provide the best and patients benefit from such competition!

4. High Technology clinics

Medical centers in Turkey are famous for benefiting from state-of-the-art and advanced facilities. Technologies found in countries like Germany, the USA, and the UK are provided in Turkish medical centers at a fraction of their charges. In some cases, Turkish hospitals offer technologies that are mere even in a most developed country.

Hair transplant technologies are crucial for a successful hair transplant as they enable patients to receive natural-looking hair with the lowest risk of side effects and fast recovery. At Dr. Cinik hair hospital we offer DHI and FUE methods for our patients. You can get back to normal life in two weeks and gain your attractive look in less than a year.

5. High-Quality Services

Medical services are not just about technologies and standards. Experience in the job and human-to-human interaction is truly crucial. Highly trained medical staff are a requirement for any medical treatment. Turkey has a profound medical education system, which trains highly skilled staff who always put the patient’s interests before their intentions.

Hair transplant surgery is a delicate job that needs years of training and experience alongside flawless attention to detail. Working at a micro-scale operation, the medical staff needs to put every aspect into account.

Dr. Emrah Cinik, a highly trained and experienced hair transplant surgeon, has operated thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries and offers you exceptional treatments. He and his medical team offer a friendly, warm, and professional atmosphere at Dr. Cinik hair hospital, where you can just relax and receive a hair transplant.

6. Reliability

Hair transplant is a super accurate operation and before making any decisions, you need to inquire reliability of the center you are choosing. Besides, delivering the services patients are promised is a matter of debate. Turkish verified hair transplant centers have proven to be a reliable choice as there are thousands of happy patients who have gained their natural-looking hair in Turkish hair clinics. (Read about our patients’ stories) (Video: Alex maybe)

7. Costs

The main advantage of receiving medical treatments in Turkey is the competitive cost Turkey offers. If you had the chance to buy a beautiful, spacious house in the best part of your city for a fraction of its price, would you miss the chance? Never! It is the same story for the Turkish medical system, which offers the highest possible quality at a fraction of prices in countries such as the USA, UK, and Germany.

Hair transplant operations are not usually covered by insurance companies and cost luxury from hard-earned savings. A high-quality hair transplant costs between 8000$ to 20000$ (depending on the technique and density) in the USA and UK.

A hair transplant operation of the same quality (if not higher) might cost you between 2000$ to 4000$ in Turkey, which shows a considerable gap. (Learn more about our all-inclusive packages)

8. Accommodation

If you are traveling to another country for a medical reason, a major concern you might have is the quality and costs of your stay. Some developing countries do not offer flexible, high-quality accommodation facilities, while in developed countries, you might be charged a fortune for it! Turkey, on the other hand, stands out as it offers flexible, high-quality accommodation facilities in every single part of the country.

Additionally, the best clinics in Turkey offer accommodation in their all-inclusive packages, which makes their offers irresistible.

9. Travel Convenience

As a visitor, you expect to be hosted in a clean and welcoming place, having enough infrastructure for you or your family to enjoy some time. Turkey has long been considered a major tourist destination, welcoming people from every corner of the world. Istanbul, the main city for Turkish medical tourism, has got every possible infrastructure a city needs to host guests, from a convenient transportation system to tourism and sight-seeing facilities. If you want to extend your stay and add some flavor to it, Turkey offers you a range of possibilities in a safe, pleasant, and clean atmosphere.

10. Flight Options

Located in a unique location, connecting Europe and Asia, Turkey is an international hub for flights. Istanbul airport, the largest European airport, offers you an amazing possibility of flights as it is among the top airports in the world in terms of the number of destinations they serve to and from.

You can easily fly to Turkey, almost every day whether you live in Europe or America or any other part of the world. This is an important advantage as flight possibility can save you hours (even days) and hundreds of dollars.

11. Communication

Developing a multi-cultural working force, Turkish medical tourism offers several centers where you can speak your language and be understood. Some highly recognized Hair transplant centers also offer multi-lingual services.

Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, or Arabic, we can speak your language and you will be understood at Dr. Cinik hair hospital.

12. Experience

Providing service to thousands of patients each year, Turkish hair transplant centers have gained a priceless experience over years. Doctors have developed their skillsets; medical staff has mastered the processes and operational staff understands each patient’s needs even better than themselves. At Dr. Cinik hair hospital we operate hundreds of hair transplantations each year and help hundreds of people gain their dreamt look.

13. Effort

Hair transplant is a long process and needs some effort done by yourself. It can be more difficult if you receive this service in a place where you are not taken care of enough. If you are traveling to a destination for a hair transplant operation, things can go stressful and tough if you are not supported by your hosts. Best hair transplant centers in Turkey offer an all-inclusive set of packages, which contains transportation and accommodation. This removes some burden from your shoulders and you can focus on your beauty recovery. You just need to pick a date and buy your tickets.

14. Post-Operation Services

It takes about a year for transplanted hair grafts to grow in a natural-looking way in the recipient areas. Your hair needs some special treatments after the operation and if you are not well-guided your hair grafts might not grow.

At Dr. Cinik hair hospital we will be there for you every step of the way and your situation will be analyzed and inquired by our specialists regularly to help you gain your confidence and youth look again.


If you are looking for a hair transplant operation in a different county than your own, Turkey will shine on your list. This has not happened over a night and Turkish doctors and medical centers have worked dawn to dust for several years to earn this position. Yet, you need to select your doctor carefully and consider many factors as you will need lots of support in a hair transplant process.

Dr. Emrah Cinik is one of the best-known Turkish hair transplant surgeons, who has successfully helped tens of thousands of people gain the look they were dreaming of in almost 20 years of his professional life. He has developed a professional staff at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, offering best-in-the-class services to people from all over the world. If you want to start getting your preferred look and confidence back, contact us and get a free consultation.

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