Hair Transplant for Afro Hair


Afro hair transplant process is slightly different from straight hair transplant. What makes it different? Why can’t all surgeons perform it? We have explained!

Hair Transplant: A Permanent Solution

A hair transplant has proven to be a feasible solution for recovering from severe and permanent hair loss. Thousands of people try to gain their confidence and look back by getting hair transplantation. Despite the high success rate of recent hair transplant methods such as FUE Sapphire and DHI Sapphire, there remains some concern among people having Afro hair.

Afro Hair Transplant: A Feasible Option

There is a widespread myth that the number of unsuccessful and unnatural results of hair transplant for people with Afro hair is higher than for people with Caucasian hair. This creates some fear among people who have African hair about having a hair transplant.

Many questions related to hair transplants for African Americans are asked in online communities, most of which are rooted in this misunderstanding.

What Is an Afro Hair?

Generally, having an Afro hairstyle is more common among people with black skin. Hair texture could be one of the apparent differences between people from different ethnic groups. Despite being a very unique-to-person characteristic, some similarities and patterns can be identified among people from a special part of the world.

African people and African Americans are not an exception. Hair density, texture, and thickness which are 3 factors for identifying a hair type show some similarities among most African and African American people, which is sometimes called Afro hair texture.

To understand this difference better, we need to shed some light on hair follicles. They are organs in human skin, hosting and controlling hair growth. Their shape determines what the hair texture looks like. To assign characteristics to hair, 3 factors are put into account:

  • Hair Thickness
  • Hair Density
  • Hair Texture

Which are affected by follicle shape and size.

What Makes African Hair Special?

Known to be curly, sometimes wiry and coarse, Afro hair is a common texture among Black people. Tightly coiled hair is due to the shape of follicles. A flat, too oval shape of follicles results in curly hair. Despite producing a considerable amount of oil, African hair is usually coarse. It is since the oil produced in the skin cannot lubricate the shaft as it is highly curved, resulting in wiry and coarse hair.

A beautiful woman with afro hair, is resting after a hair transplant

Is Hair Transplant for Afro Hair Risky?

It is not risky but it needs more attention and expertise. Hair follicles in Afro hair are not the same as they are in Caucasian hair. The grafts are twisted and correct planting needs to be done to result in natural-looking hair.

How Much Does Afro Hair Transplant Cost?

Afro Hair Transplant charges you the same as other hair textures. While it has a slight difference in the planting stage, it cannot charge you more. Afro hair transplant cost in Turkey is a fraction of the cost in the USA or UK. Based on the situation and the method you select the price might differ.

Before making any decisions, book a free consultation to learn more about your hair’s condition and possible options.

What Is the Best Hair Transplant Method for Afro Hair?

The best hair transplant method for Afro hair would be one of the latest, less-invasive methods. Due to the special shape of hair follicles in Afro hairs, a precise and careful procedure must be taken to avoid any harm to hair follicles during the extraction and implantation of grafts. DHI Sapphire and FUE Sapphire are among the proposed methods for Afro hair transplant.

A young woman with afro hair after a hair transplant

Experience a High-Quality Afro Hair Transplant at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital

Dr. Emrah Cinik and his team offer the highest quality hair transplant for afro hair. Their extensive experience in afro hair transplant has helped hundreds of their patients gain a truly natural look and a charming hairstyle.

You only need to contact us and get a free consultation from our experts and start your journey of hair transplant in Turkey today.

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