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Celebrities Hair Transplant: Story of Fame and Charm!

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Sarah Schneider

Why Jamie Foxx has a weired hairline? Do all hair transplants result in strange hairlines?


Jamie Fox probably hasn’t had a transplant. Many black men have pencilled and dyed hairlines, with artificial hair fibers adhered to their scalp. Whenever you see a perfectly straight and sharp hairline like that, they’re most likely using that technique. It’s a pretty popular style, but hair has little to do with it, and it has to be redone regularly to maintain.


Thank you for your comment. The life of such renowned celebrities is always of lots of speculations and gossip and of course unless celebrities disclaim themselves, it is impossible to have a solid conclusion. The situation gets worse since all these actors and celebrities appear in public with heavy makeup. In the case of Jamie Fox, such hairlines are accepted by some ethnic groups, especially among African Americans.

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