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Hair transplant surgery can work wonders for restoring the natural appearance of thick, luscious hair. Depending on the quality of the procedure and the experience of the surgeon, the operation could leave virtually no trace behind – no scarring, and no uneven patches. Just beautiful, thick hair.

But just how thick are we talking about? When considering hair restoration, the number of grafts is a crucial thing to discuss with your doctor. How many grafts can you expect? How many individual hairs per square cm? Well, it depends.

Every patient is different, so there’s no clear-cut answer. But, there’s a limit on the hair density you can expect. Let’s take a look.

Natural Hair Density

When it comes to healthy individuals and the individual hair number, the average density is between 120 and 140 hairs per square centimeter, hair grafts – between 60 and 70.

A single hair graft rarely contains just a single hair. As a general rule of thumb, one graft will contain up to four hairs, with two hairs per graft being the most common. So, about 60 to 70 grafts are what we’d call natural hair density. With less than 40 grafts per square centimeter, hair loss becomes apparent.

Since only about 50% of natural hair density is required to provide an impression of fullness, most surgeons will transplant a minimum of 40 grafts in 1cm2.

Factors That Impact Hair Transplant Density

The density of hair transplants varies from person to person, hair characteristics of the individual patient, the health of the donor area, donor hair quality, and more. Many factors need to be taken into account.

That’s precisely why having a consultation with an experienced doctor beforehand is of such great importance. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your skull, look at the donor and recipient area, and develop the approach that will yield the best results.

It won’t be possible to perform a transplant with more than 80 hairs per square centimeter in some instances. Hair grafts are taken from a donor area at the back of the head. If the hair is not thick enough at the back of your head, the surgeon wouldn’t be able to extract more than 40 grafts.

However, if the donor area is healthy, the surgeon could take up to 60 grafts and transplant them to the more problematic areas.

Achieving The Highest Hair Transplant Density

Even with the most advanced hair transplant surgery – follicular unit extraction FUE – a good surgeon won’t transplant more than 60 grafts per square centimeter. While that’s significantly lower than natural hair density, it’s the only viable option.

In the recipient area, transplanted density needs to be lower than typical to avoid problems such as skull necrosis. If too many grafts are transplanted in a small area, it’s less likely that the grafts would survive and provide any long-term results.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that’s long-term, hair transplantation with up to 60 grafts per square centimeter is the maximum you should expect. No qualified surgeon will propose more than this.

During a typical hair transplant surgery, you could expect anywhere between 3,000 and 4,200 grafts to be transplanted depending on the size of the recipient area and the health of the donor area.

Results That You Can Expect With Dr. Emrah Cinik

Dr. Emrah Cinik has worked with countless patients suffering from all forms of hair loss. He’s performed surgeries requiring no more than 3,000 grafts, as well as surgeries requiring as many as 4,200 grafts with great success.

If you’d like to find out more about how Dr. Emrah Cinik can help you, contact us and schedule your life-changing consultation.

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