The Problem with Hair Transplant Guarantee

A middle age man combing his hair. It is important to have a valid guarantee for your hair transplant


Hair transplant is a popular treatment for severe hair loss since it has permanent results and makes a natural hairstyle possible. At a high-quality hair transplant center, the success rate of hair transplants is more than 95%. Despite all mentioned benefits, some hair transplant surgeries are not successful, so before making your decision about selecting your hair transplant doctor, you should closely study the results and success rate of each doctor.

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant, a leading hair transplant center based in Istanbul, Turkey, offers a unique package for hair transplants. Packages offered at this hospital include:

  • A high-quality hair transplant service.
  • Free Online Hair Transplant Consultation (You just need to contact us now).
  • Complementary, post-surgery care packages.
  • 5-star accommodation and VIP Transfer in Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Guarantee is Not a Valid Option

Professional hair transplant clinics put a lot of emphasis on their entire hair transplant experience. For a hair transplant to be successful, all the steps of a hair restoration surgery should be ideally followed by the medical team and the patient. This is the main difference between a well-experienced hair transplant center and a medium hair transplant clinic. Offering a guarantee for a hair transplant surgery is not possible because the patient also plays a vital role in the success of a hair transplant, and it is not possible for a clinic to control every single patient!

So, how can you select a clinic for such a critical surgery and be sure that you will get good results? Professional clinics like Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant have designed a tailored procedure that each patient must go through. With more than 8000 happy patients and above 98% success rate, this clinic knows all the needs of a patient during this procedure, and every single member of the medical and post-op teams follows strict sets of protocols to help patients get the best results.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Transplanted hair lives and grows like natural hair. As long as the person doesn’t face any serious complications, illnesses, or hair loss causes, it will be there for you. To make sure that your hair transplant results will be permanent, you need to follow the procedure an experienced surgeon offers to you.

Are Hair Transplants Safe?

Totally safe! Recent Hair Transplant techniques, like FUE and DHI, are using the latest findings of science and offer the least possible invasion. If an experienced medical team operates the procedure, they will make sure that you won’t run into any complications and risks during and after the surgery and will get permanent results.

What Are the Risks of Hair Transplants?

Like any other medical intervention, hair transplants can carry risks and complications. A big part of the side effects and situations of hair transplant, like scabs on the scalp is a part of the healing process and they are mainly temporary.

On the other hand, if a hair transplant is not done by an expert team, its risks would be high and even your healthy hair can be gone! Overharvesting the donor area, making harm to neighbor follicles, and making unnecessary scars on the scalp occur when the medical team is not experienced enough and cause hair transplant risk.

How Can I Avoid Hair Transplant Risks?

To avoid hair transplant risks, you need to follow instructions given by your medical team. The rest of the tasks for avoiding hair transplant risks should be done by your medical team. This highlights the importance of choosing an experienced, competent medical center for your hair transplant.

As a patient, you need to just focus on taking enough rest and care of your transplanted hair. Expert medical centers create a relaxing atmosphere and a smooth process for each patient.

Make sure your clinic studies your medical background and hair loss history carefully before making any attempts. A full blood test, for example, can identify several situations that affect hair negatively. If you are suffering from vitamin deficiency, transplanted hair can suffer and fall in the future.

Pre-surgery and post-surgery measures are as important as the surgery quality. A high-quality hair transplant is not limited to the operation room and all steps need to be done at the best possible quality.

What Is Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplantation has multiple steps and requires close communication of both the medical team and the patient. So, it is important to learn the various stages of hair transplantation. The following are the processes for a hair transplant at Dr. Cinik Hair Clinic, the world’s finest hair transplant center:

  • Contact: Contact Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital to discover more about your choices if you are having problems with your hair. You will be given free consultation.
  • Free Consultation: A qualified team analyses your hair and its loss type and reasons using the images and data you supply to assure the success of your hair transplant and to arrange your hair transplant. Before making any decisions, your medical background should be checked to make sure you will have a successful hair transplant.
  • Arrange a time for your hair transplant: Following a consultation and estimating costs, you will be given a hair transplant plan and, if you decide to proceed, a date for your hair transplant surgery will be scheduled.
  • Booking the Flight: This is the only task you need to do. You will schedule a flight to Istanbul, Turkey. Our VIP shuttles will greet you at the airport and drive you to your Istanbul hotel, which has been reserved by us as a 5-star hotel. Our VIP transportation will drive you from your hotel to the hospital and back.
  • Pre-operation Stages: As soon as you arrive at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, a blood test, an EKG test, and a hairline drawing will be performed. The above-mentioned tests are carried out to ensure that there are no obstructions to a successful hair transplant and that you are not in danger throughout the hair transplantation process.
  • Hair Transplantation: The procedure will begin when your health has been examined, your hairline has been drawn, and your hair transplant has been planned.
    • The first stage is determined by the approach used. While FUE needs a full shave, the DHI treatment may allow for selective shaving.
    • Donor area determination: Your donor sites’ quality will be evaluated as a criterion to define the donor area.
    • Local anesthesia: To numb your scalp, local anesthetics will be used. To guarantee that you have a pain-free treatment, we employ “Comfort-in” technology to administer a painless, pre-needleless anesthetic.
    • Extraction Phase: It is an essential component of hair transplant surgery. A well-executed extraction yields a healthy, natural-looking donor region as well as healthy, strong grafts in the recipient area.
    • Implantation phase: The channel opening step of the FUE procedure is followed by the implantation phase. The “Choi Pen” is used in DHI treatment to open channels and implant grafts. This is a crucial step since it decides how natural and strong your hair will appear in the future.
  • Post-operational Care and Services: For some time, transplanted hair needs special care and attention. At Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant, your initial wash will be performed using specific products. Throughout the first several weeks, you will also be provided instructions and care products for your transplanted hair. We want to make certain that your hair transplant is both successful and natural-looking. We will monitor your hair’s development and request images of it for the next 12 months.

Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital Satisfied Patients

Dr. Emrah Cinik, a globally respected name among hair transplant surgeons, has established Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant and since then he has worked hard to create and maintain hair transplant standards as high as anyone can imagine in this hair transplant center. An amazing 98+ percent of successful hair transplants in this hospital is an indicator of his talent and hard work.

Natural and Stylish Hair: Not a Dream!

If you have suffered from hair loss, a hair transplant can help you gain the look and charm you dream of. You can get a high-quality hair transplant done for you at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital in a relaxing, friendly, and professional space. To start your hair transplant journey, you just need to contact us and get a free consultation session.

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