Is Hair Transplant Covered By Insurance?


Insurance is one of those things that seems like a rip-off until you need it. It was designed to help people find their feet when major events make life difficult. The deal is that we pay small installments to our insurance company, and in return, we get large payoffs to cover for events that have a high impact on our lives.

There are more than a few types of insurance plans:

  • Health insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Pet insurance, etc.

We have a wide choice of options regarding insurance these days, so we can find ways to secure our assets in the long term. Health insurance is by far the most popular form of this service and for a good reason. Our health is always our priority, but while health insurance will either pay for our medical service or reimburse us the money we pay, it doesn’t cover every medical situation.

Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplants?

Well, in most cases, it does not. Namely, health insurance covers treatments, surgery, and sometimes dental procedures that take care of health-threatening issues. Baldness is by no means a medical emergency.

So, if you are paying for insurance and are hoping it will cover your hair transplant procedure, we have to disappoint you. There is a loophole, however, but it is not very pleasant.

When Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplants?

When it comes to hair transplants, it is considered a cosmetic procedure, but if you have an accident and need reconstructive surgery, this can fall under that umbrella.

Still, this means that you’d probably have to be in a severe accident and suffer serious injuries so you could qualify. What about us with plain, old male pattern baldness?

Well, we have to seek out other options to deal with our thinning hair.

The Options

Well, sadly, you’ll have to dish out your own cash to get hair transplant surgery. Europe and the United States have many specialists that can help you with this, but these procedures tend to be quite costly, depending on the extent of hair loss.

The price in the US can be anywhere from $5000 to $15000, depending on the severity of the situation. The price in the EU starts somewhere around 4000 EUR and goes up to 7000+ EUR.

Now, Turkey stands out as a destination for cosmetic surgery of all sorts, not just hair transplants. Turkey has long been building a reputation for this and is home to many experienced specialists who’ve been handling these kinds of procedures for decades now.

One of the most significant advantages Turkey offers when it comes to reconstructive surgery is the price. It can be up to 70% lower than the prices in the EU and the US.

Doctor Emrah Cinik is one of the most successful and experienced transplanted hair experts in Turkey. The total cost of hair loss that including medical advice, hair transplant costs, accommodation, and transport starts at 2090 EUR and can go up to 2990 EUR depending on the package you choose. That’s it!

The hair is acquired through the procedure called follicular unit extraction FUE. It is then applied to the patient through follicular unit transplantation. This allows healthy hair growth to continue.

Dr. Cinik will also explain how they apply new hair to an area that is affected. You’ll understand that hair follicles take to your skin and what to expect from your new transplanted hair.

You’ll be instructed on how to maintain your new hair and what to expect from your recovery. All of this at a fraction of the cost you’ll be paying anywhere else!

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