The Best Country for a Hair Transplant: Turkey vs USA vs UK vs EU vs S. Korea


Hundreds of thousands of people are getting hair transplants each year and it has been accepted by societies as a necessary option for people who are looking for a youthful appearance. Many people travel to other countries to get a quality hair transplant at a fair price in a country that offers the best services.
We have explained what to consider when looking for a hair transplant center. Then, we have dived into some of the top countries in this field and ranked them according to hair transplant success factors.

Finding The Best Hair Transplant Center: Impossible Mission!

Finding a reliable hair transplant center is not an easy task. The risks of a hair transplant operation are countless if it is not done in the right place! Additionally, hair transplant cost can be considerable for many as hair transplant cost in the USA and European countries is not less than $8,000 in reliable, high-tech centers. Besides, pre and post-operational stages of a hair transplant surgery require a great effort and sometimes can be costly.

Who Can Guarantee the Quality?

Guarantee and services are other important factors to consider. Like every medical intervention, a hair transplant can carry side effects and turn out to be a failure. Although chances for risk rise if the operation is done under the supervision of a less-experienced medical team, well-known and successful teams also need to offer supportive measures for every single patient to make sure they smoothly regain their hair growth.

Best Destination for Hair Transplant: Factors to Consider

Considering all these factors, many people travel to some destinations to get a high-quality and low-risk hair transplant. If you are looking for a destination for a hair transplant operation, you are not alone. Thousands of people are experiencing the same situation now!

At Dr. Cinik hair hospital, we serve thousands of patients from different countries each year. Years of experience and thousands of successful hair transplant operations have made Dr. Cinik a well-known name among hair transplant doctors globally.

Hair Transplant Quality

A hair transplant is a very delicate operation. If it is not done under high standards and with great care by every single staff member, it can cause permanent harm to hair follicles and put the patient at risk of infection and never-ending trauma.

What Is the Best Density?

A good density is also a crucial factor for natural-looking hair. A healthy person needs to have some 120 to 140 hairs in each square centimetre of the scalp; a successful hair transplant surgery requires around 60 hair grafts transplanted in the recipient areas (learn more about hair transplant density).

To make any decisions about hair density and the number of grafts, you need consultancy from an experienced doctor as making decisions about the density and number of grafts requires lots of factors to consider.

Experience: A Key Factor

Considering the risks and possible consequences of hair transplant surgery, it seems necessary to get hair transplant services in clinics that can guarantee the quality of their hair transplant surgeries. Only doctors and medical teams with enough experience can provide such a guarantee of quality.

That’s why many people travel to places other than their hometowns, seeking a suitable hair transplant centre. In countries like the USA, England, Germany, France, and Turkey, you can find hair clinics with a long line of successful hair transplant experiences.

Success Rate

Another important factor in selecting the right place for a hair transplant surgery is the success rate. As hair recovery after transplant surgery is a long process and might take up to a year, it is difficult to follow a hair transplant centre’s success rate.

You can find some reviewing websites or social media links in which people share their experiences with the hair transplant process. A limited number of countries host clinics with a high rate of success.


A process as precise as a hair transplant process requires a large number of qualifications and standards implemented to be delivered successfully. For patients who are travelling to hair transplant destinations, reliability seems to be the most important factor in making up their minds.

Medical Standards

It is not easy to check and control the qualifications and standards of a hair transplant centre over the internet. The destination country needs to have reliable standards and inspection mechanisms to ensure the visitors are in the right hands.

A limited number of countries provide such clear and reliable standards for their medical system. Putting trust in centres outside these countries would be a risk that can be costly and irreversible for your health. Health tourism centres like the USA, South Korea, and Turkey have developed a reliable system for supporting visitors and patients in terms of medical standards, reliability, and quality of services.

Support and Guarantee

Every service you get needs various support and guarantee measures. Getting a hair transplant service needs more! Not only do you need a guarantee for your hair transplant surgery, but you also need support in every step of the process.

Communication: You Need to Speak!

Make sure you choose a place where they talk your language and always put your needs first. As a hair transplant is not an experience you can have more than once, you need to trust a group of experts who know what you will need in every situation.

Given the complexity of the service you will receive, you may also need a reliable measure of guarantee. Quality, reliability, success rate, and all other important factors need a guarantee. Hair transplant is a long process, and patients need support until they get healthy, natural-looking hair back. Professional teams have post-operation follow-up measures up until a year after the surgery. Make sure you receive this support from the centre you choose.


If you are travelling to a destination for a hair transplant surgery, you already need a lot of support to be able to rest and recover your body. Not only does a hair transplant surgery require a lot of experience and effort by the medical team, but it also requires a considerable amount of job done by the patient. Hair grafts need to be taken care of, especially in the first week, and the patient needs some post and pre-operation steps to take.

Complimentary Services: Every Small Step Counts

Add difficulties of commute and accommodation in a different city or country to all these factors, and you will start to worry. Professional clinics understand their patient’s needs and have designed special all-inclusive packages that offer accommodation and transportation. Besides, you will need some people who can speak your language and walk you through every detail and information you need to know.


Hair transplant cost is another important factor in deciding where you like to have hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant cost is affected by many factors such as the method you chose, the number of grafts, the anaesthesia method, etc. It is also expected that quality comes at a cost, and it is the same trend in every country.

If you narrow your list down to countries where standards are reliable and you are guaranteed by the authorities, a small number of countries remain in your list, namely the USA, Germany, France, England, South Korea, and Turkey.

Putting quality of work and the guarantee you will be given into consideration, you will have a shortlist of top clinics in mentioned countries. We have made your job easy and inquired about costs for acceptable operations in these clinics.

Clinics are filtered according to quality, reliability, support, and guarantee measures.

Countries Filtered! Let’s Compare Costs!

For the sake of comparison, hair transplant cost for Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant is set as the reference. DHI and FUE are the best and most favourable methods for hair transplant as both of them are minimally invasive, carry a high success rate, do not leave scars on the donor area, and have got a faster healing process.

Hair transplant cost in the USA

There remains a wide spectrum of Hair transplant costs in the USA, and some part of it is due to the range of services and quality clinics in the USA offer. A well-known Surgeon or a medical team that offers an acceptable combination of quality, guarantee, and density, will cost you between $8000 and $20000 in the USA.

Hair Transplant Cost in USA Per Graft

Hair transplant cost in the USA for an FUE hair transplant costs between 4$ and 15$ for each graft. If you are planning to get a 3000-graft hair transplant, the hair transplant cost in the USA would be calculated from $12000 to 45000$. Hair transplant cost in the USA is also affected by the state the hair transplant centre is located in.

Accommodation and Transport Costs in the USA

If you have plans to travel to the USA for a hair transplant operation, you need to consider accommodation and transfer costs in your plan as well. Transfer and accommodation cost slightly affect hair transplant cost.

Do Not Underestimate Hidden Costs

Another hidden cost of hair transplant can be pre and post-operation processes, medications, and equipment. Make sure that you are getting an all-inclusive package, and you will be away from any kind of stress as it negatively affects your success chance.

Hair Transplant Costs in South Korea

Another destination for hair transplant surgery is South Korea. South Korea is the only Asian country that passes through filters of reliability, guarantee, and quality. Hair transplant costs in South Korea range between 6000$ to 8000$ for an FUE hair transplant operation in a high-quality clinic.

Consider flight costs if you are travelling to South Korea for a hair transplant operation. Due to the location of South Korea, flight costs can be considerably high.

Hair Transplant Costs in Europe

Among European countries, Germany, France, Turkey, and England have remained on our list after applying filters of quality, reliability, success rate, and support and guarantee. Hair transplant costs in Europe can vary from country to country as tax regulations and operational costs vary in each country and even city.

Hair Transplant Costs in Germany

Hair transplant surgery price in Germany for an FUE operation in a reliable clinic starts at 7200$ and can go up to 18000$. Costs can change based on the density, the number of grafts, and pre and post-operational services.

Hair Transplant Costs in England

The UK is another destination for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant cost in England is slightly more than those in Germany. The cost for an FUE operation starts at some 8000$ and goes up to 20000$ for an all-inclusive package.

Hair Transplant Cost in France

Hair transplant costs in France for a high-quality FUE hair transplant method can alter between $7000 and $15000 in trusted hair transplant centres. The amount of money you pay for a hair transplant in France is strongly related to the city that the hair transplant centre is in; For instance, hair transplant costs in Paris are higher than in other cities in France.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

When it comes to hair transplant costs for a high-quality, natural-looking surgery result, Turkey stands out. The hair transplant cost for an FUE hair transplant method can vary between $2000 and $4500. Istanbul is considered the centre for hair transplant clinics, and many hair clinics are active in it.

If you have plans to travel to a European country for hair transplant surgery, you need to consider hidden costs in your budget as well. Accommodation and transportation costs can be unreasonable in some European cities and highly affect the total cost of the hair transplant operation. Make sure you have checked all possible costs in your planning stage.




Gaining your youthful appearance is worth making careful decisions. Your future look will be highly related to the quality of the operation you have had. You will face an endless list of clinics offering you services and packages, which can get confusing after some time.

Given the relatively high costs for hair transplants and the fact that insurance does not usually support such operations, people are considering health tourism or beauty tourism destinations for hair transplant operations.

We have considered 10 factors for comparing finalist countries in our list to give you a clear ranking of the best countries for a hair transplant operation. Quality, reliability, costs, guarantee and support measures, pre-and post-operation efforts, accommodation facilities and costs, travelling infrastructures, language and communication barriers, flight time and availability, and experience are considered factors for our ranking system. 5 is the maximum point for each item.

Country Quality Reliability Costs Guarantee Effort Accommodation
USA 4 4 2 3 3 2
S. Korea 3 4 4 3 2 2
Germany 4 4 3 3 2 2
France 4 4 3 2 2 2
England 5 4 2 4 3 2
Turkey 5 4 5 4 5 4

The Winner: Turkey

Turkey, with 45 points, stands out among other countries as the best destination for hair transplants. Several reasons contribute to the fact that Turkey has developed into such a strong choice for health tourism. A unique location, a tourist-favoured situation, a great educational system for medical science, and reasonable costs have made Turkey a wonderland for medical, health, and beauty tourism.

There are many high-quality medical centres in Turkey which serve patients from every corner of the world, and it has contributed to a very competitive culture and infrastructure for welcoming international patients.

Hair transplant in Turkey is no exception. Several highly recognized hair transplant centres in Turkey are believed to be the world’s most favourable and trusted hair transplant centres.

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant: One of the Top Names in the World

Dr. Emrah Cinik is one of the best-known Turkish hair transplant surgeons who help thousands of people regain their attractive looks each year. His experience and abilities in hair transplant make him a recognized personality in the field, winning several recognitions and awards.

Here at Dr. Cinik hair hospital, we offer state-of-the-art methods for hair transplants with a high success rate. If you want to be one of our thousands of happy patients, contact us today and get a consultation for free.

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