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Hair Loss Treatments

If a hair transplant is not an option for you, or if your hair loss is mild, you can benefit from our hair boost services and treatments. With unequaled quality, we provide a diverse range of very successful services to our patients.

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    Hair loss is a painful experience. It affects our self-confidence and limits our options for styling and enhancing our look. Being a man or woman does not change the pain since both genders suffer from different types of hair thinning and baldness.

    Unfortunately, there are many different types of hair loss and many factors affect our hair health, causing hair thinning and eventually hair loss. However, finding an optimal treatment for hair shedding is very difficult.
    The best hair loss treatment should be permanent, not cause serious side effects, and should be fit with your own situation. A perfect option for regaining natural hair is hair transplant surgery. However, it is not a feasible option for everyone. People at the early stage of hair loss, or those suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition are not suitable candidates for hair transplants.

    We provide hair loss treatment services for those who can’t get hair transplants, or have got a hair transplant and want to have their hair boosted. Using cutting-edge technologies, we provide the best hair loss treatment fit to each patient’s medical condition.

    You just need to contact us today to learn more about the best hair loss treatment for your hair loss situation.

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    Let’s watch the experience our patients had at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital. They successfully put their baldness behind.

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    Restore Your Youthful Look with DR. CINIK

    Dr. Emrah Cinik is the founder of Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, based in Istanbul, Turkey. This medical aesthetic center carries a medical license from the Ministry of Health, so you can be sure that you will be putting your trust in safe hands once you decide to visit for a hair transplant.

    Dr. Emrah Cinik has been performing hair transplantations for about two decades, and he also has extensive experience in strip scars repair.

    He is a medical aesthetics doctor who puts an incredible amount of passion, effort, and patience into ensuring that every one of his patients gets precisely what they’re looking for. By restoring your hair in only one sitting, no matter what surgical technique he uses, he can supercharge your confidence and completely change your life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! If the cause of your hair loss is identified and the treatment plan, using verified treatments, is designed accordingly, the hair loss treatment will be a successful experience for you.

    The best hair loss treatment is the one that fits the patient’s needs and medical condition. All the verified and tested treatments are suitable for specific hair loss types.

    Low-level laser therapy appears to be safe and helpful for both men and women, according to studies. According to a 2013 study involving 41 men between the ages of 18 and 48, laser hair treatment increased hair growth by 39over a third after just  2 months.