Hair Transplant Swelling


Hair transplants are an increasingly more common cosmetic procedure. They help fight hair thinning and baldness and work wonders for restoring natural hair appearance and giving you a confidence boost.

With new advancements in hair transplant surgery, virtually anyone can enjoy a full head of hair. However, it might not seem so in the days after the surgery.

It takes a while for you to recover from the procedure and appreciate the end-results. So, the first thing you’ll notice will likely be swelling.

Swelling occurs pretty commonly after transplanted hair, so let’s see what causes it and what you can do to minimize it.

The Occurrence Of Swelling After Hair Transplantation

Swelling and edema in the forehead and eye area can commonly occur after hair transplant surgery. While it might be uncomfortable, it’s very much expected and can occur due to many factors.

After all, you will have received a local anesthetic known for having side effects such as swelling. Your scalp will also have gone through an invasive procedure – the hair restoration surgeon will have made incisions in both the recipient and donor areas, so some swelling after the hair transplant is completely normal.

During the surgical procedure, hair follicles need to be extracted from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area. While the incisions for the extraction and the implantation are almost microscopic, they’re still invasive. Your body will naturally start sending more white blood cells to the areas to heal them, so this accumulation of liquids can cause unfortunate side effects like swelling.

So, there’s no reason to worry and stress about it.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Swelling Last?

How long the swelling lasts depends on the individual patient. Some will have only minor swelling for about two or three days after the surgery, while others will experience more extreme swelling that can last up to a week.

It all depends on how your body reacts to the local anesthetic, the procedure itself, and the medications you’ll receive afterward.

Either way, it’s important to remember that swelling is completely normal after hair restoration procedures. And although it can never be completely eliminated in the days post-op, it can be minimized.

How To Minimize Post-Operational Swelling

There are several things you should do to minimize swelling. Primarily, you should listen to the advice of your hair transplant surgeon!

Your doctor will likely prescribe pain relievers, antibiotics, and additional medications. Be sure to use them as prescribed. Increasing or decreasing your dosage could cause the swelling to persist and could lead to additional problems.

If your doctor advised you to take your medications for five days after the surgery and think you don’t need them after only two days – still use it for the prescribed five days. If you feel like you should continue using them for seven days, don’t do so until you consult your doctor again.

The surgeon will also give you additional advice on how to care for your transplanted hair post-op. Some of the best advice to reduce swelling in the implanted area is as follows:

  • Keep your head elevated when sleeping in the first few days;
  • Avoid wearing hats;
  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Avoid alcohol;
  • Avoid exercise and excessive physical strain;
  • Don’t use any medications that cause blood thinning (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.);
  • Apply a cold press to the forehead only, not to the recipient and donor areas!
  • Massage your forehead

For the best results, always follow every single piece of advice your doctor gives you.

Emrah Cinik Offers Continual Care Post-Op

Dr. Emrah Cinik is committed to his patients and offers continual care post-op. The day after the operation, you’ll get back to the clinic for a follow-up where you’ll get all the information you need about how to care for your transplanted hair.

Even after you’ve come back home, you can always get in touch with Dr. Emrah Cinik to ask any additional questions and receive advice.

Contact Dr. Cinik hair hospital, and rest easy knowing you’re in excellent hands.

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