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A hair transplant is a serious medical procedure that requires proper healthcare and aftercare. Patients are required to protect their new hair grafts and general health. That includes avoiding all sporting activities for the time being.

Returning to your normal activities too soon might result in consequences that are better left avoided. With that in mind, we’re going to share a few words of advice for all those who are into various sports activities and what they should do after a hair transplant surgery to make sure their new hair follicles and natural beauty are protected.

Is It Allowed To Do Sports After The Hair Transplant?

You can resume your sports activities within a couple of days after the hair transplant procedure. However, if you’re required to wear a hat, you should wait for at least two weeks after the operation before you do anything.

This measure of precaution will help you protect your new hair grafts. This is simply because strenuous exercise can endanger your new hair grafts in several ways:

  • Blood pressure – Increases the possibility of bleeding
  • Sweating– A hair transplant surgery makes the scalp extremely sensitive, and sweating can irritate and damage it
  • Stretching – It’s essential for your recovery to give your scalp a chance to heal, and doing exercises that might apply a stretching force to your sensitive scalp won’t help your recovery efforts.

How Long Does One Have To Wait After The Hair Transplant To Do Sports And Fitness Activities?

The most recommended thing to do after hair transplantation is to wait at least ten days before doing sports activities and fitness.

If your normal activities include strenuous physical exercise, it’s recommended to avoid any sports activity for four weeks after the operation.

This precaution will not only improve the health of your scalp and allow it to heal with a fine scar, but it will also ensure a faster recovery.

Which Sports Are More Likely To Go After The Hair Transplant Than Others?

It is best to go with the most effective sports that improve and support hair health. Any cardio training such as Zumba, yoga, pilates, dance, riding a bike, running, or walking will do the trick. Buy a treadmill, or consider doing yoga as it offers numerous health benefits.

It makes hair grow faster by increasing blood flow to the scalp area. It also provides a calming effect, improves concentration, and helps regulate hormonal imbalances, which are the leading cause of hair loss.

What Do I Have To Pay Attention To When Doing Sports After A Hair Transplant?

Three things are most important after a hair transplant:

  • Nutrition– What you eat will determine how long your scalp will take to heal. If you pay special attention to your nutrition, you can significantly strengthen the new hair follicles. Make sure your dietary regimen consists of foods rich in B-complex vitamins, zinc, iron, vitamin E, vitamin C, and A.
  • Healing process– this varies from patient to patient, but it takes about one year, and it’s essential to follow the instructions that your doctor gave you.
  • Maintenance– you will be required to follow the exact steps provided by the medical staff to make sure your planted hair starts growing healthily.

Dr. Emrah Cinik For Hair Transplantation

For more information about male pattern hair loss, hair transplantation procedures, as well as what to do in the period after the procedure, including sports activities, contact Dr. Emrah Cinik for detailed information on everything you need to know about the transplant procedure, hair loss prevention, and more.

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